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QR Code Sheds Light On Places Mentioned In Around The World In 80 Days


Around the world in 80 days‘ remains to be a popular classic amongst book lovers today and because of the book’s popularity, the book’s been recently republished. And this time, with a nice twist to it.

Yes, QR Codes‘ been added to them to give the story a better feel and give readers the warmth of interaction. With QR Codes, readers can also opt to find out more information about the places mentioned in the book.

The system was developed by Ubimark. The company said that they wanted the readers to really get into the places that were mentioned in the book. In fact, by giving readers and other internet users the chance to share their own stories, insights and experiences on the pages will only work to enhance user experience. The book was originally published approximately 140 years ago and it introduced people to the love of adventure and travel.

If you don’t know what the book is all about, here’s a short outtake.

The book is about a lone British man who basically took up the challenge of traveling around the world within the specified number of days. Back in those days, traveling was done mainly on land and one of the basic transportation system used for such travels was the railway. The reason behind the challenge is the (then) newly build railway section in India. Armed with £20,000 from members of the Reform Club, Fogg, the man in the story, took to the rails.

When reading the book (the new version with QR Codes), found are QR Codes. These are links to the cyberspace. By scanning the QR Code with a smart phone or android phone, the reader will have access to maps, stories, reviews, experiences, ratings, history, videos, photos and more.

We think it is a fantastic way to enhance a reader’s experience. Instead of relying solely on our imagination (although it is a good thing), whenever we get curious about a place mentioned in the story, we are only a link away from more information, just in case we wish to travel.

For more information, click to view the video.

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