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QR Code Scanning: The Latest Numbers


QR codes are really gaining ground. More and more companies and business owners are using QR codes to promote their goods and services and to strengthen their brands. And more and more people are learning about these codes, learning how to scan them, and learning how convenient they are.

Here are the latest reliable statistics related to QR codes from comScore, Inc.

* In June 2011 alone, around 14 million Americans have scanned QR codes on their smartphones.

* Most QR codes – almost 50% to be more specific – are found on newspapers and magazines.

* 35.30% of QR codes can be found on product packaging, 27.40% on websites, 23.50% on posters or flyers, 13.40% on brochures and business cards, 12.80% on storefronts, and 11.70% on TV.

* 58% of QR codes were scanned by people at home, 39.40% were scanned at a retail store, 24.50% were scanned at a grocery store, 19.70% were scanned at the workplace, 12.60% were scanned on public transit or outdoors, an 7.60% were scanned at a restaurant.

* 60.5% of scanners are male, the rest are female (of course).

* A majority – 36.80% – of scanners are within the 24-34 age group.

* People aged 35-44 represent 19.60% of the scanners; those aged 18-24 represent 16.60%; those who are 45-54 years old represent 12.40%; while people aged 13-17, 55-64 and 65 above represent the least number of scanners at 7.40%, 4.10% and 3% respectively.

comScore is a known leader in measuring the digital world. These statistics came as a result of a research on mobile QR code scanning for June 2011, based on comScore MobiLens service data. comScore has confirmed that the study was explicitly and entirely about QR codes, an that the respondents were shown a QR code sample to ensure there are no confusions.

These may look like nothing more than numbers, but knowing them will help you, as business owners, know how to plan out your QR code campaign. You will know which age group to target, or where to place your QR codes in order to attract the most number of possible scans. In short, you can come up with a strategy to get the best results out of your campaign.

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