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QR Code’s Novelty Perfect For Promotion Of Newsletter Service


Despite the various available, free and inventive ways that we have to promote our businesses online, having a mailing list continues to be an important part of our marketing ritual. An online newsletter helps remind our customers about what we have to offer and serves as a means for us to stay in touch with people who are interested or may be interested in what we have.

The problem is promoting the newsletter service…now that we have Facebook and Twitter on the go.

Consider this…would it help your subscriber base grow if you could promote the mailing list with a unique QR code? If you send out flyers to interested individuals, would it increase your chances of roping them into your mailing list if you printed a QR code along with the flyer?

QR Codes acts as a URL shortening device; hence, you can create a unique QR Code with a free QR Code generator, save it to your computer and then have it printed on your business card. When you hand out your business card, you are essentially handing out an offline link to potential customers or affiliates. In a lot of ways, QR Codes are just like any other virtual URL shortening tools – think along the lines of bit.ly and tinyurl. While you can’t print out a bit.ly or tinyurl code on your business card, you CAN print out a QR Code.

The important thing to do now, if you intend to promote your mailing list via a QR Code, is to create a specific landing page for the sign-up form instead of leading mobile phone users to the home page. It frustrates them that they have to look for the correct link after scanning the QR Code. The QR Code SHOULD lead to the opt-in page instantly.

What is more important is the fact that you can instantly track the ‘click-throughs’ with a good QR Code tracking software. The results are LIVE, instant, reliable and it also shows you who has been scanning the code and their location too. According to a reliable source, it appears that more than half of the world’s population will be using a smart phone by the end of 2011.

Some may argue that the technology is still new (it is not so in Japan) and nobody is really into the game yet. We say that is a reason for us to hop onto the bandwagon while the idea is still new. Nothing kills the cat faster than curiosity, we say.

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