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So you’re ready to hit it big time with QR Codes. You’re getting all excited about having a go at this new (well, not so new in Japan) technology and wondering which is the best QR Code application or reader there is the market today.

Frankly, there are way too many different applications and readers out there to narrow down to a few. Each of these QR Code readers and applications have their own pros and cons, hence, to get a better feel of it, you need to try using it for yourself. For those who don’t know what QR Codes are, here’s a short outtake.

Basically, a QR Code is like the conventional barcode, but it can store much more information than the usual one that we are using right now. While the conventional barcode system can store information only horizontally (which explains the vertical lines), QR Code, with its mish-mash of black-and-white squares, can store information horizontally and vertically. The QR Code is also a link…yes, a link like this one www.beqrious.com that users of smart phones and android phones can scan to access online content. Some call it a bridge between our offline world and the online one.

At this point in time, the concept is growing on local Americans who are beginning to see more and more of these signs in stores, retail outlets, windows, magazines, books and also their local dailies. The growing acceptance is incredible news to major brand names and advertising agencies.

The best way to decide which QR Code reader works for you, needless to say, is to try it out for yourself. However, we admit that it tests one’s patience. Some QR Code reader developers out there don’t care much for user-friendliness while others go too far off the deep end to make it fancy and it looses out on the functionality of the application.

It’s important for the QR Code reader to WORK, not IMPRESS. Short messages while loading the QR Code reader is probably acceptable but lengthy waits for loading and failure in scanning the QR Code turns people off. Some new users have lamented that it was a kill-joy moment. ‘I was excited to be trying this thing out after a long time hearing about it but it took me more than six tries to get the QR Code reader that I am using to actually read the code. That’s frustrating,’ says a newbie.

Another shortcut would be to get opinions from your friends about the QR Code reader that THEY think is good. Reviews from friends are often more reliable than reviews you find on the internet.

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