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QR Code Reader – Back to Basics


It’s occurred to us over here, whenever someone comes into our website, they’re not always equipped with knowledge of what QR Codes are and how they work. So, we’re going to take some time to go back to basics and explain the function of QR Codes and why is there a need for a QR code reader.

Initially, the Japanese (known for their innovativeness) came up with this QR Code system to track car parts in the motor industry. Seeing how extensively useful they are, others started jumping into the bandwagon and borrowed the technology for…pretty much everything else. Mobile phone companies saw the potential and came up with mobile-friend QR code readers so that cell phone users can read QR codes with their phones.

When the cell phone user downloads and installs these QR code reader into their phones, they can scan (take a picture of) the QR Codes and then they’re led to a mobile webpage without having to type in the whole URL – this is known as hard link. Essentially, we’re using the QR code reader to connect what we see physically (the QR Code) to what we can access in cyberspace.

The amazing thing is that we do not need a specialist to come up with a QR Code. All we need is a QR code creation software (like we are here at www.beqrious.com) that you can use for free. Print it anywhere you want, like business cards, your website, your facebook profile, etc, and your friends and family can read it with a QR code reader.

News about the awesomeness of QR Code technology have seeped out everywhere and recently, many people in the fashion and art industry have taken a liking to ‘enhancing’ the plain looks of the black and white QR Codes. Many deliberate the usefulness and effectiveness of the said ‘designer’ QR Codes because during the initial attempts, some QR code reader had problems reading the codes because the data was distorted. However, we think that this could have been fixed thus far, as long as the core of the code remains intact.

Popular QR code readers include KAYWA reader, Nokia Reader, i-nigma Reader, Active Print, UpCode, BeeTagg, just to name a few.

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