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QR Code Promotion For Meta Assassin Using Rubik’s Cube


Just when the world thinks that we have seen the most creative and mind-boggling designs involving QR Codes, the world comes up with another one that throws everything that we have ever seen off tangent.

If creative people can knit a QR Code and bake a QR Code, they can most definitely make a puzzle out of QR Code. Well, with Rubik’s Cube, of course. In view of promoting a brand new game called Meta Assassins which is a startup game for Ape.IO, the promoters of the game decided to create a QR Code out of Rubik’s Cube. This is a first, of course.

The QR Code will lead users to a brand new website completely dedicated to the game at 6d61.com. And that is another first because on the website, there is a ‘sort of’ experimental online social game. Experimental means Beta, so, feel free to give the creators feedback about what you think of the game, the QR Code campaign and also the game itself.

Be glad that you just read this article because the game is to be launched today, Feb 18, 2011 so, head over for a shot. It has been promised to be really one-of-a-kind interesting and innovative online social game. We think that you will be hearing a lot more about the game from now onwards….well, for web-savvy folks, anyway.

Back to the QR Code that they came out with, sources said that it took forty-nine rubik’s cube to make up the QR Code. And accordingly, even as you are reading this, they’re coming up with ANOTHER one…which leads to the same website and promotes the same game, only a bigger version which has been said will be using one-hundred-and-twenty-one Rubik’s Cubes altogether.

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One Response to QR Code Promotion For Meta Assassin Using Rubik’s Cube

  1. Fionn February 20, 2011, 10:33 pm

    Thanks for the fantastic write up! QR codes are an important part of the META Assassins game as it is the essence of the dead drops and pick ups.
    Do play the game at http://apps.facebook.com/meta-assassins/.

    Thanks once again!

    P.S: In case anyone is wondering what 6d61 means, it is the hexadecimal code to MA.

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