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QR Code Parking Meters Debuts in Australia

Paying for your parking fees using QR codes might be old news in North America. BeQRious has reported on Parkmobile’s use of QR codes to help their customers pay for parking. The QR codes take customers to the payment site, and pay. This is an alternative to calling a toll-free number.

In Canada, Vancouver transportation authorities are looking to use QR codes to help residents pay for parking conveniently. These QR codes not only accept payments but also tells drivers where the nearest vacant parking spot is.

Australia now has its own QR code parking meters. In Burnley, Victoria, Parkmobile Australia has set up mobile payment schemes for parking. Parkmobile has actually been talking to local councils in Victoria and New South Wales and have implemented a system that allows people to pay by entering a seven-digit zone number. The Burnley initiative is the first to use QR codes.

Michael Doherty, Parkmobile’s managing director, says that their parking payment solutions allow people to conveniently pay for their parking without having to rummage through their bags or pockets for $9.

Parkmobile Australia, on their Facebook page, explains that you only need to fire up the mobile app, scan the code and start your parking session. When you leave, all you have to do is to press the Stop Session in the app to stop parking. You do not have to input the seven-digit number anymore.

We think that Parkmobile Australia’s use of QR codes is a good start. But what makes their product even better is the use of other methods such as calling the toll-free number and mobile apps. This ensures that more people can use the system.

Also, their parking signs have adequate instructions for those who are seeing their parking system for the first time. This will ensure that people know what to do and take away any possible confusion.

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