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While many people disregard the importance of QR Codes, business people should not. In order to survive and thrive in the increasingly-competitive market, you’ll need to be ahead of your game. Technology has made consumers, generally speaking, much more demanding than before. A company will not get indifference and loyalty the way we used to get unless we’re in on the technology train.

One way is to publish a QR Code on your website.

With that said, marketing experts foresee extensive use of QR Codes in the very near future. As it is, even as you’re reading this, branding and marketing professionals are creating new ways of using QR Codes in their game plan. There’s no way to avoid it because it would be like resisting the rise of the sun tomorrow morning.

QR Code is short for Quick Response code. Some people know it as 2D barcode. The reason why it’s called 2D barcode is because instead of the conventional type of barcode (on product packaging) the code can contain much more information within it. Many IT, marketing and branding companies are pushing QR Code marketing to their customers which includes printing of a simple QR Code into their brochures, leaflets, company profiles and business cards. When cell phone users scan the QR Code with their phone cameras, they get instant access via the World Wide Web, information or have instant access of a link on the internet.

The reason why we contend that one should ‘publish’ one’s QR Code to one’s mobile website is because people may want to share the link or web information with people that they meet whenever they’re not in front of a computer. Most people are using web-enabled phones. Imagine the convenience if John met up with someone who was looking for high quality ladders and have a QR Code that leads to your website selling ladders. John instantly pulls out his phone and shares the QR Code with his friend. Instantly.

Newer phone models already come pre-installed with a QR Code reader; even if it’s not, it’s easy to find an easy-to-work-with QR Code reader online these days.

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