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QR Code On Tombstone Leads To Mini Virtual Social Networking Site


Japan’s been using QR Codes for literally everything…not a lot of things is without their very own unique QR Codes there. But as the fad of using QR Codes seep slowly into many parts of Europe, Australia and the United States, we do anticipate a wider use for QR Codes. Granted, although Japan is a mobile-crazy society, the mobile phone is getting to be just as important to us mortals in this part of the world too.

QR Codes are conventionally used on magazines, cans, bottles, maps, cigarette boxes….stuff that can help scanners identify the product instantly. Denso-Wave came up with QR Codes more than a decade ago and now, it’s so widely used in Japan that people are not only advertising themselves, promoting their products or services with QR Codes but they’re also putting QR Codes on tombstones too!

We kid you not! Check this clip out. http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/12/24/qr-codes-on-tombstones-help-mourners-to-stay-in-touch/

So, what gives with the QR Code on the tombstone? Apparently, when you scan the QR Code with your mobile phone, you’d be taken to a form of very private and exclusive interactive website whereby you can interact with, exchange thoughts with and basically ask and answer questions about the deceased.

So, instead of networking with each other via Facebook or other online social networking sites where lots of other people can see your activities, the private site which you can access with the exclusive QR Code is sort of a mourning site for friends and family members.

Very much like Facebook, this QR Code enabled site tells you, if you’re a member of the network, who has been there and the messages that has been posted and how people are keeping up with their lives after the funeral’s over. In fact, with the QR Code mini social networking site, people can see information about the deceased, share pictures or even play VIRTUAL GAMES together on their mobile phone.

Imagine that…

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