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If one could bake a cake with QR Code on it, if one could knit a scarf with a QR code on it, make QR Code chocs and sweets, why not create a QR Code on sand, right? People who are into the QR Code fad are really an incredibly creative bunch of people who are relentlessly coming up with ideas on how to turn everything into a QR Code that cell phone users can make use of.  

It was of course, with a lot of doubt because of QR Codes are made digitally or they’re constructed very carefully with the help of computers and a lot of measuring tape (and a calculator), but how does one go about creating a QR Code out of sand?  

Apparently, it’s possible.  

Sinap Co. Ltd. people sat down together one fine day in their meeting room (we’re assuming) and brainstormed on new creative ideas to reach its customers. When the question of making a QR Code right there on the sandy beaches, there was doubt, of course because you make QR Code on stuff that are relatively less fragile. You can print it on t-shirts, mugs and even on carpets, but with sand, a naturally fragile and easily disfigured substance, there are tons of arguments about how it would not work out.  

But yes, they went ahead with it anyway….to create a human-sized QR Code right there on Shonan beach and based on responses from people who tried scanning the QR Code with their phones, the QR Code works!

What they’ll be trying to do next is perhaps to create another QR Code out of sand by teaming up with the people from Nishihama Surf Lifesaving Club to help educate people about keeping the beaches clean and how they can help.  

As you can see from the video below, the ‘behind-the-scenes’ part isn’t as easy as one would like it to be:

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