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QR Code On Olin Business School’s Magazine


As one of the leading business schools in St Louis, Olin Business School looks like they are ready to tackle their business competitors with a strong internet presence and mobile marketing. When students receive the school’s magazine this week, they might be caught by surprise with that curious like black and white square on the back of the mag.

Olin is a leader in providing MBA programs for business enthusiasts from all around the nation. They are known to be rather aggressive on the marketing-front too so, we are not too surprised that they are the first to catch on with the craze. Many of the business students from the school are probably ‘in-the-know’ about QR Code technology having been in use in Japan for countless years now.

A representative was quick to point out that the school is always ready to try out new ideas on how to keep Olin school at the forefront. QR Codes is considered mainstream in Japan and many large companies in our country is already using it. Therefore, to the marketing team behind Olin, it only makes sense that they use it to serve other businesses and their students too.

It makes even more sense when the new magazine is focusing on innovation and creativity this week.

However, we would like to note that since the QR Code leads mobile phone users to the school’s website, it is a pity to see such an amazing and versatile technology being underused. There is so much more potential in QR Codes.

For example, the school could make use of the QR Code to bring in ideas, suggestions and reviews from and between their students.

The magazine was also promoting a new Masters of Science in Leadership degree program – the QR Code should have been used to point interested businesses and individuals directly to the related page instead of expecting mobile users to find it themselves.

Anyway, it is still a fantastic find. Let’s hope that more institutes of higher learning take home a tip or two from Olin Business School, then.

We get excited just thinking about the possibilities!

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