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To the European cosmetics and beauty industry, the event MakeUp In Paris which was held on the 24th and 25th of June this year at Espace Pierre Cardin was a new and exciting event. Beauty magazines, TV programs, web portals, manufacturers, marketers, industry leaders and other media people all flocked to the event.

Being the first edition is not news enough; many people noticed that a small little QR Code printed on the paper bag that were being carried around at the venue. It turns out that the QR Code leads mobile phone users to the MakeUp In Paris website which features documents and articles on the environment and media files like interviews, etc.

As far as we can tell, other paper bags being distributed contained their own individual QR Code as well. We will have to wait for someone who was at the event to confirm this. But for MakeUp In Paris, the QR Code resolved to their company’s website.

Note about QR Codes: QR Code is the modern way of linking online stuff via a barcode that works with smart phones. Yes, you will need one of those swanky-looking new smart phones or an android one for it to work. Anyway, most new model smart phones come pre-loaded with a QR Code reader but if it doesn’t, then you can find them on the internet and most of them are good enough and free of charge. Once you have the QR Code reader, the program will use the smart phone’s camera as a scanner. When scanned, the QR Code will take you to a website link or reveal text information.

Back to the MakeUp In Paris event, the organizers said that the event, despite it being a maiden one, was incredibly successful and they recorded 1,400 visitors which was well above their expectations. They wanted to attract marketing, product development and purchasing decision-makers in the industry and they got what they asked for.

The QR coded paper bags were done up by a popular paper bag and box making company (that has a long list of big brand names as their customers) called PAK 2000.

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