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QR Code Newsbits: What Else Is Happening?


QR Codes Appear in Mundy Park

In British Columbia in Canada, QR codes are regaling Mundy Park visitors to interesting bits of information about the park and everything inside it.

QR codes have been placed on park signs all around the area. When you scan the QR code, you will be able to see relevant and interactive information about the park. This also includes videos and sound.

Lori MacKay, parks, recreation and culture manager, said that the QR codes are there to meet the changing needs of people visiting the park. MacKay adds that the QR codes are able to give park visitors the information they want without having to incur high costs. QR codes, Mackay adds, cost much lower than traditional park signs.

For now, the park will have QR codes for 12 different areas within the park and these would give scanners information about the plants and animals. It will also give information about George Mundy, after whom the park was named. vThe park is going to monitor the number of QR codes scanned, and compare this to public feedback. They will then use this data to find out whether to put out more QR codes in other establishments and facilities in the city or not.

In addition, the city council has more ideas for future QR codes. For example, Councilor Mae Reid has suggested that the QR codes give out rules and regulations regarding dogs being taken off their leashes inside park premises, in addition to providing information on how to report coyote or bear sightings.

Star Toilet Paper Defends QR Codes

We honestly do not know if you would be comfortable using toilet paper with an ad for the neighborhood pizza place on it, but apparently putting QR codes on toilet paper works.

This is what Star Toilet Paper is saying when they came out with their press release last week.

Star Toilet Paper is a company that puts coupons and advertisements on toilet paper. And because of the limited space, what better way to extend it than with a QR code.

The company has been using the best practices in employing QR codes for its mini adverts.

As a result, Star Toilet Paper says that they are getting up to 16% in conversions from these QR codes, double the number reported by the Direct Marketing Association.

Star Toilet Paper also cites statistics from other organizations to prove their point. They report that according to ClickZ, QR codes were scanned 400% more times in 2012 compared to the numbers recorded in 2011.

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