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QR Code Newsbits: Two Ideas for QR Codes


QR Codes for Certified Jewelry

Gems and jewelry that are certified by the International Gemological Institute now have QR codes on them.

Using your smartphone, you can scan these QR codes and get access to the unique IGI report for that particular piece of jewelry.

Now jewelry buyers can know for sure if they are buying authentic gems and precious metals. Not only that, but they will also know more about the gem’s grading information. This is a sure way to ensure that your investment in a piece of jewelry is not wasted.

Before, the IGI issued hard copy reports for certified jewelry. Now, IGI will not only issue these hard copy reports with their Seal of Inspection and Standard of Excellence, but they will also have these QR codes.

IGI reports are deemed a crucial part of the jewelry buying process. It only makes sense to have these reports easily accessible via a QR code.

Pre-ordering Food with QR Codes

If you are in Australia, you might soon say goodbye to having to line up for food at sporting events or music concerts.

This is thanks to the efforts of ExpressQ, an Australian company that allows you to pre-order and pay for your drinks, food and merchandise that you could easily get at a specific time.

Here is how the system works: Attendees log into the ExpressQ app and order the food, drinks and items they want. When they pay for these, they would get a QR code on their smartphones. They will be using these QR codes when redeeming their items.

Attendees will simply show the QR codes to the vendors when it is time to pick up their food.

The app and QR code can help make long lines at the food stands disappear. Instead of standing around in line trying to decide what you want and looking for change to pay for it, you simply hand over the QR code and your orders are already prepared for you to get. What’s more, vendors are also strongly encouraged to set up a separate line for ExpressQ customers, allowing you to beat the lines!

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