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QR Code News Briefs: Code d’Urgence and NCR’s Mobile Cash Withdrawal System


QR Codes Allows You to Get Cash from ATMs

When people think about wireless technologies and money, they usually look at near-field communication. NFC has been widely touted as the best solution for mobile payments. However, a new system from NCR is making use of QR codes instead.

The Mobile Cash Withdrawal system makes use of a smartphone app to scan a QR code on an ATM. The withdrawal is done in just seconds and you do not have to tap your PIN into the ATM machine. This is a good way to avoid getting scammed by fake ATMs that scan your credit cards and gets your details.

The best thing about this is that you really do not need to add any hardware in the machine. You would not need to have NFC readers installed. Instead, you just need to upgrade your software. The system also works with both iOS and Android devices.

QR Codes That Might Save a Life

Code d’Urgence has come up with a service wherein users would fill out a medical questionnaire form that is validated by a doctor. The details of this questionnaire is then placed behind a QR code printed on 10 stickers which the company sends out the user to help him or her out in times of emergencies. If the user gets into an accident or is unconscious, emergency response professionals could easily scan the QR code and get access to the user’s medical records. The service comes with a yearly subscription worth €36.

Another company, this time in Japan, is working on an RFID version of making your medical records portable. Asahi Kasei has come up with phone charms that could easily store vital medical data such as your blood type, medical conditions and allergies.

BeQRious is behind any way to help emergency professionals access vital information that could mean the difference between saving a life or not. Between these two, however, we think that Code d’Urgence’s QR code stickers is the better option, simply because there are more people with smartphones that can scan QR code. We do not think that there are a lot of RFID readers going around yet.

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