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QR Code Meets Pizza Lovers


So, you would think that artists and creative people were the ones who got to QR Codes first… no, they were not. The first people who really caught on the tech craze were the real estate agents here in the United States. Yes, it was already a popular thing in other parts of the world but Americans being Americans, we are a little bit more skeptical than others. What we really do is sit back and watch for a little while. If it works out for others, then we are onto it like bees to nectar.

QR Codes, no doubt, is a really useful tool to have in the real estate industry mainly because people get tired of driving around to homes or apartments that they wish to rent or purchase with hopeful hearts only to meet disappointment in the face. It is a sheer waste of time and money, not to mention emotion.

How QR Codes resolved this was by helping people make up their minds earlier…by viewing the homes and apartments before they decide to make that trip. Having information about the size, location, number of rooms and descriptions can only give hopeful buyers and renters that much insight onto what they are about to walk into. Videos and images give them a much better idea. But space is a big financial concern for most real estate agents so, interested individuals or company do not get to ‘see’ what they are interested in before making the phone call and appointment.

It has become so popular with the real estate industry that a rental community in Detroit MI called Urbane Apartments has decided to make QR Codes a part of their marketing game plan.

But what they have done is a little…refreshing. Instead of pasting the codes all around in public places or advertising them in magazines and newspapers, the company’s teamed up with the people of Jet’s Pizza. Now, pizza lovers will see a QR Code printed on the pizza boxes. Jet Pizza is a popular pizza joint for the locals.

I guess as unconventional as the method is, it seems to make sense because people who are interested in renting apartments in Detroit MI are probably staying there. The company, instead of showing smart phone owners to their website or a mobile-friendly one, lead phone users to an interesting video. Using QR Codes are so cost-effective that representatives from the company indicated that this might go on for a long time because the cost of the marketing campaign was so ‘negligible’ and it is a truer way to reach out to locals who are looking for apartments there.

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