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QR Code Maze Makes Waves


Just when you thought QR Codes can’t get any bigger, they prove you wrong. Who? That is the Kraays, of course.

The Kraay family run a farm in Lacombe Canada and they have been creating maze for many years now and treat it as a yearly family affair – I guess it is their way of spicing farm life up a little every year. This year, the Kraay family decided to take it up a step by creating a QR Code maze. Rachel Kraay, who has seen these atypical square boxes in magazine and newspaper ads, thought that it would be a great idea since QR Codes looks somewhat like a maze. When she posed the idea, things snowballed and now they are looking at creating headlines with a Guinness World Record for the largest QR Code thus far.

They are known for being veterans in maze creation but little did they know that they would eventually make it to ABC News for the maze. It wasn’t an easy feat even for the veterans because they ran into a couple of teething problems with the corn maze-albeit QR Code because it didn’t work the first time round. Turns out, the snag was due to the fact that the color difference between the ‘black’ and ‘white’ areas were too slight, therefore, they needed to make the dark parts darker in order for smartphone QR Code readers to recognize it as a QR Code.

What started out as a mere idea turned into a 7 acre maze on the 15 acre piece of land.

The Kraays also got some help from others who were more experienced in customizing and creating QR Codes after encountering several problems with creating the maze. Although realistically impractical for everyone to scan the QR Code from the sky, we think that if they had images of the maze and promoted it virally online and through their website, it could be a big hit. For more information about the services and the maze that they have created, head over to their website at http://www.kraayfamilyfarm.com/

It is most definitely one of the most creative ways farm folks have ever tried to advertise themselves.

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