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QR Code Markets to people between 35 to 55


Some say that QR Codes can only be used when your target market is within the 16 to 31 age bracket….that is not entirely accurate. You see, more people in the thirties are changing their mobile phones from the conventional one to a smart one. Yes, that means an iPhone or Blackberry even for the average Joe who is not involved in the business world.

Business people are the ones who are more inclined to do business on the move. They check the share market while waiting for a meeting to commence. They send emails out, check their facebook profile, load updates, conduct meetings on their phones, on the go. Business people, suffice to say, will include many people within the 35 to 55 years age group.

Hence, to say that QR Codes should be used only when your target market is the younger generation could be highly inaccurate.

Mattress Discounters, a popular retail outlet based in Pleasant Hill, noticed this and implemented a QR Code campaign that kept passerby informed about the deals that they were offering. With a QR Code sticker plastered onto their window panel, those who walked pass but are too busy to stop by and ask about the discounts and deals can just take a moment to scan the QR Code for more information.

The company believed that people are so technology-orientated these days, regardless of where you lived.It’s true, isn’t it? Everyone’s into the whole mobile and internet thing nowadays.

In the meantime, The Circulatory Center which has centers in different states in the country stated that they think that the QR Code is the way to go. Their QR Code lead users to videos and written messages relating to treatment for varicose and spider veins. The QR Code can also pull up frequently asked questions about the condition and treatments for them.

It is hard to deny the convenience that QR Code brings. The data is transmitted in real time, is wireless and can be instantly shared with another person via mobile devices. However you look at it, things are going to be much faster. And that is not all – marketing to people within the 35 to 55 age group will be cheaper too.

Now, isn’t THAT music to the ears?

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