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QR Code Marketing Idea: Direct Mails with QR Codes


Most small businesses operate locally. They rely on their local community to bring in sales and keep them profitable.

It makes sense that even in this digital age, small business owners would still want to mail flyers, brochures and even just event invitations to their mailing list. Direct mail and other printed marketing collaterals remain a good way to connect with prospects and customers in the area.

For small companies who are looking into the more traditional direct mail marketing, they should think about adding QR codes to their mails.

An interesting statistic says that close to half of consumers who receive something in the mail would then proceed to check the sender company’s website. Also, compared to email, consumers are also more likely to open and take action on a direct mailing.

A QR code can then help you make it easier for the recipient to visit your website. Whether they are at home or opening your mail outside, they can easily visit your website, Facebook page or watch your video because of the QR code you included. True, you can include a URL in your mail, but QR codes make it easier for your customers to access your content.

You also get to save on costs. Instead of sending bulky brochures, you can just send a one page letter with a QR code in it. When customers scan the QR code they will be taken to a digital brochure you have on the Web.

Don’t think too that people will not know what it is. As we have earlier reported, 14.5 million QR codes were scanned in June 2011 alone. What’s more interesting is that half of these scanners are within the 18 to 34 year old age group, while over a third reported incomes of more than $100,000.

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