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QR Code Made Out Of Lego Sets


Lego simply does not get old. Wherever there is Legos around, creativity and curiosity seems to make itself at home too. Just ask Luke Magette’s parents. Luke Magette may be only ten years old at the time of writing this post, but when it comes to creativity, this young mind is simply curious about the potential of his enormous Lego sets.

Luke was shown a video of RedPepper, an advertising agency, creating a QR Code out of Oreos. The YouTube video has been making its rounds in the tech world as well as schools like Luke’s Osage Elementary School. Leta Strain who is both a teacher and also an enrichment specialist at the school works with specially gifted students in their accelerated programs and showed the class what she thought was a nice piece of work. This got Luke thinking about what he could do with his Lego sets at home.

For those who are not familiar with QR Codes, they are your squarish, black and white codes that is free to created and scan. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a QR Code reading device. It works pretty much the same way the conventional packaging barcodes except that you do not need a specially-made scanner or device to read the code. Marketers, branding experts, and specialists have worked their magic into their ads by including these codes into magazine ads, packaging, leaflets, online portals, and online social networking accounts. When the QR Code is scanned, it takes mobile phone users to a predetermined internet website, media page, video, picture, or promotion or contest online site that is made for smartphone access.

Curious minds like Luke’s will, of course, wonder if it was possible for him to do the same thing except that he wanted to use his Lego set and Strain, being a responsive and encouraging teacher, said that he ought to give it a shot.

Luke, as revealed by his mother, had an early childhood love for Lego and they have converted some of the space in their home just to cater to Luke’s large collection of the toy. Boys like Luke may not understand the great uses of QR Code and its technology but we think that this is prime example about how technology, education and creativity can work together.

As fluid as a child’s mind, QR Code, Augmented Reality and the Internet are fluid and ever-growing and changing too. As long as marketers and advertisers can see the potential, and beyond the difficulties, we think the technology can serve us even better in the future.

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