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QR Code Links To Coke’s Music Site


Coke’s battle with Pepsi is a legendary one, as far as the world of advertising and Fast Moving Goods industry is concerned. Pepsi’s marketing team has to be given credit for linking pop music and celebrities with the drink by way of endorsing the pop stars, attracting throngs of music lovers, teenagers and young adults. Such is the draw of music.

Although losing out on the ‘cool’ factor for the past decade or so, Coca-Cola’s team finally etched out a game plan to pull back some of its consumers from Pepsi’s grasp – and that is to tune into the music scene too. But in a different way.

Coca-Cola’s German company recently launched a fun and friendly way to have a drink. The smaller than usual 25cL Coca-Cola cans will come with a special QR Code printed on it. The cans are sleeker and with the QR Code in place is sure to be a draw for the younger generation because as it is known, the young are on the move and almost always armed with their smart phones.

But that is as far as the news go because the people behind the marketing strategy are keeping mum about the details of the once-only exclusive music shows that will pound through several German cities in the very near future.

However, it is our guess that the soft drink Giant aims to connect to their fans and consumers musically and the QR Code leads them to either videos or downloadable music which can be played through smart phones. It was reported that when the QR Code is scanned, it leads German music lovers to Coke’s music portal whereby there will be a wide range of songs to listen too while…of course, sipping at the cold can of Coca-Cola.

A company representative said that the QR Codes on the can is a multiple prong approach, reaching out to the consumers via different senses. The see the can, see something interesting, perks their interest, lets them enjoy a cold can of drink while listening to music. The idea seems smart enough.

With the newly-sized can, it was also reported that sales climbed significantly and it bridged a gap in the market. The QR Code is not the only new thing found in the Coke’s German market, the cans also entice consumers with some pretty cheeky, fun slogans.  


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