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QR Code Levels Up The Playing field


Some do not see the true benefit of using QR Codes because they deem it to be a passing fad…something that will blow over in a couple of months. But what they do not see is that it not only enriches the lives of those makes use of QR Codes, they also level the playing field so that small businesses can compete effectively with large organizations.

First of all, there is issue of cost. Because large businesses have bigger budgets and enjoy the benefits of being able to hire big guns for their promotional and advertising campaigns, smaller businesses often lose out. You might be asking how QR Code technology might level up the playing field?

Simple. Creating a QR Code, for one thing, is absolutely free of charge. Yes, if you get online on Google and type QR Code generator, you will find yourself face-to-face with a whole long list of generators. But save yourself some time and head over to OUR free QR Code generator instead. :)

With social networking sites and located-based sharing services, QR Codes is DEFINITELY here to stay. For these small business owners, rewarding your customers because they checked-in with a QR Code might prove to your way to playing it up with the big boys.

Let’s take Foursquares as an example. Would it make a customer’s life easier and faster if they could simple load up the QR Code reader and scanned a QR Code to check-in and announce their whereabouts? I am sure most of you will come up with the answer ‘yes’.

If you rewinded time by a decade or so, you will see that small businesses had trouble competing with the big companies because they did not have a budget or system to come up with their own loyalty programs. Issuing out membership cards and keeping the database is a big budget-buster unless one opted to do it manually…which is a killer.

QR Code changes all of that. If you are small business looking for ways to create your own loyalty program, start exploring the technology. The potential is simply incredible!

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