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QR Code Joins In The Evolution Process


We live in a consistently developing world…and that includes the internet and the marketing industry. We have all heard of the coined phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, haven’t we? Well, apparently, the rest of the world is evolving exactly in THAT direction.

Remember way back when Yahoo! was still the top search engine and Excite and Alta Vista were trailing behind? That was way before Google came into the picture. During that era of the internet, words were everything. You want good ranking, you make your way into the pack with words and keywords. We have blogs now but it has evolved into Vlogs and picture blogs where people shorten content with videos (Youtube) and pictures. So, instead of writing a whole barrage of words as a blog post, they post a host of pictures that ‘tells a thousand words’. THIS is precisely the reason why Pinterest became such a hot tool and not to mention the mobile app sensation called Instagram. In fact, you would stop for a while and think how phone calls have turned into Facetime or Skype.

Even links has now become QR Codes for mobile marketing purposes. For those of you who are not in the know about QR Codes, they are basically square black and white barcode which you can scan using a smartphone’s camera and a QR Code reader. Anyone can download a free QR Code reader, regardless of whether they are using Android or Apple operating systems. QR Code reader apps are available for both platforms and are free to download.

But let’s face it, the conventional QR Code’s looks…to say the least…doesn’t look very interesting. In fact, would I dare venture a little further to call it ‘boring’? Since it involves mobile marketing, it means that there will be creative individuals who are working the codes into designs and when they try to do that, the designer will usually have a tough time trying to make the black and white codes blend in with the design…otherwise, it will simply stick out like a sore thumb…not in a good way at all.

So, what needs to be done is to personalize the QR Code and to make it help it ‘blend in’ a little more so that it is more suitable for advertising materials like business cards, websites, print ads, and handout leaflets.

BeQRious has a free-to-use QR Code generator that can help customize your QR Code for you, you can even upload your company’s logo or a picture of a product and integrate it into the QR Code. Once the application is done integrating the designer QR Code, download the image and use it in any marketing material you want. Give the QR Code a test-drive and let us know how you like it!

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