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QR Code Is Not ALIEN Stuff


I carry a bag with a QR Code embedded into it and I get a lot of response from people who sees it.

‘What is THAT?’ they’d ask.

And I launch into a short but concise explanation about what the QR Code is and how one uses it. If that person is interested, I’d explain a little more about how it would affect the rest of the world, blah…..and here’s how they’re looking at me.

‘That’s for robots, right?’


QR Code may seem so futuristic now simply because they’ve not seen what’s happening in other countries like Japan or Europe. They’ve not seen how people are actually using these QR Codes to expand, connect and improve their businesses and lives. It looks funky, I have to admit it, but if you look at it ten times a day, you’re going to get used to it. Trust me on this one.

‘It looks like you forgot to take the barcode off your bag…except that this is one REALLY big barcode,’ my friend laughed it off. If he can see into the future like I can, he won’t be laughing the way he is laughing right now. QR Code is not about robots and it’s not about flying cars and bridges across the sky. It’s also not about alien invasion or crossing of dimensions.

It’s a simple little barcode that helps people connect to an ONLINE world via their mobile phones. It’s as simple as that. What’s even more amazing is (as the technology picks up speed), it takes seconds to find out what everyone else thinks about the new record you’re going to buy or the movie you’re about to watch.

It’s intimidating but it’s nothing extraordinary….not now, anyway. Recently, I met up with a real estate agent who had a QR Code printed on his business card and I couldn’t have been happier to meet with someone who was on the same page as I was. AT LONG LAST, someone who is actually aggressively using the QR Code system to promote himself. By scanning the QR Code on his business card, potential buyers or sellers of properties are led to his own personal mobile webpage with information, prices, and listing of properties under his profile.

So, to those who are new to this ‘phenomenon’, let’s explore it instead of becoming intimidated by it. In fact, let’s start with creating your own picture-embeded QR Code right here on www.beqrious.com, print it out on your business card and let’s see what happens.

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