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QR Code – iPhone Led The Pack


When people talk about QR code, iPhone naturally comes into the picture. It’s a great big circle because the iPhone is the first ever internet-enabled cell phone known to mankind. The first ever kind of phone to ever bring the internet to the very fingertips of cell phone users and it was created by Apple Inc. The wonderful thing about these QR Code enabled phones is that there is literally no other physical accessory or hardware you will need to access the internet

QR code iPhone not only have an inbuilt keyboard, it comes with a camera phone, radio, jukebox, video player, computer and more. The QR code iPhone was released amidst rumors and speculations and after much speculation, Apple announced its release January 2007 and the American release came half a year later. It received a lot of attention worldwide; so much so that 3 years later, Apple announced a newer version. 

What sets the QR code iPhone apart from the rest, really, is that the text and icons are enlarged to make it easier for visually-challenged individuals, including elderly people. iPhone is probably the first few phones that ever started employing the black on white mode too.You can’t miss the icons or words….even if you tried. In fact, QR code-enabled iPhone’s virtual keyboard is the first of its kind which prompted other cell phone manufacturers to follow suit. 

Being a leader in the cell phone manufacturing industry, Nokia was the first few to follow suit with the extensive dictionary and word prediction. It was an extremely popular feature with iPhone, of course, and after much tweaking, it made sending SMSes and emails much easier. 

On top of that, the QR Code reading capabilities on iPhone is impressive. The iPhone can read QR Codes, also known as 2d barcodes. The camera on the iPhone doubles-up as a scanner to scan and decode QR Codes. 

Creation of QR Codes for iPhones can be done free of charge. QR Code creation tool is available on this site as well (www.beqrious.com). All you have to do is type in the text or the URL that you want into the input filed and click on ‘create’ and there you have it! Your very own QR Code. 

QR Code reading capabilities is no longer limited to iPhones these days because many new cell phone models are equipped with this amazingly powerful capability as well. Don’t be left behind; the next time you go shopping for a new cell phone, ask about QR Code reading software.

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