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QR Code In The B2B Scheme Of Things


We are all accustomed to thinking that QR Code marketing is an effective way to engage consumers directly. Hence, it’s almost always about advertising in print ads, placing the code in commercials (as we have pointed out a couple of days ago) and also using the QR Code as a link to coupons, promotion pages, websites, blogs and online social networking accounts.

Have we really thought about using it on a B2B platform?

Would it really work since the corporate B2B scene is quite different in a lot of ways from the B2C scene. Organizations and companies might not be as easy to engage in the overall scheme of things. Or is it?

We were delighted to hear about William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd’s foray into mobile technology because William Dyer is in the B2B business, providing commercial and industrial electrical services and products to other commercial businesses. The company got together with their tech team and came up with a QR Code and then a mobile-friendly web page that displays links to all their online social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), phone number, fax, email and links to their website(s).

The QR Code was said to have been printed on new fleet of vans and trucks. Although we are sure this is not the first for commercial businesses, there was another thing to note about this effort.

For most companies, privacy is a big thing. They would usually prefer for the stats to remain a secret. Nobody really wants the world to see how many people actually scanned the QR Code or were interested enough to access the site/page. Not William Dyer, apparently.

Instead of hiding the stats, the company went ahead to use a bit.ly URL. If you have heard of or used bit.ly links before, you would know that the stats are PUBLIC information. All you need is a link to the account and the stats are there.

Either the tech team were not aware of the fact or they are really open about having their stats displayed to the public. All in all, I supposed this means that the company don’t mind showing them (off) and are open-minded about it.

As usual, we hope to see more people jumping onto the QR Code bandwagon…simply because it is one of the most incredibly-useful cell phone technology we have seen in a long time.  




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