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QR Code In Schools A Multi-Edged Sword


Many private schools utilize the convenience of the World Wide Web to keep parents up-to-date with their kids’ homework, projects, trips and special instructions today. This is particularly true in the East but do you think this practice would prove to be convenient for parents here in the U.S. as well? I, for one, definitely think it is an amazing idea.

Teachers today are often equipped with a personal computer of their own or have access to the computers in the staff room or library and they are sometimes required to log into their own user account to record down the topics they have covered for the day. This is the perfect time for the teachers to record down the homework that they have assigned to their students as well.

What would be truly interesting is to take this concept a little further. Let’s give each of the students their own QR Code, which will be printed on their badges and stickers to stick to their books. If the parents have access to the QR Code via their own parent-version ID card, here’s what they can do….they can, literally, use their mobile phones to scan the QR Code on the card and have immediate access to the homework and projects that has been assigned to the child. Imagine the convenience for the parents.

This endeavor will be easier for private schools and colleges than to a public school because it’s easier for teachers to keep track of the student. Wherein turnover is comparatively higher in a public school resulting in teachers who have less control of in their classes.

Using the QR Code method could enhance not only the parent-teacher cooperation; it could help improve the grades of weak or special students in the school as well. These students need extra attention from both parents and teachers and when information from the teachers is made instantly available to parents on their mobile phones, it’s a heaven-sent answer. Special students or weak students often forget or can’t copy down or remember the homework or assignments handed out to them. With the QR Code system in place, parents can monitor and keep track of the work by merely scanning in the QR Code on the ID card in their possession.

Many private schools are already using the conventional barcode system for their schools. Students use these ID cards containing the codes to access libraries, special areas, halls or into the school’s gated compound. These special QR Code cards can also act as a pre-loaded wallet for purchases in the canteen.

We’re merely one step away from bridging the gap between parents and teachers; is a simple yet sophisticated technology like the QR Code system can help weak students improve in their studies and also enhance the safety of schools, I say ‘why not?’

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