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QR Code Ideas Workshops In The UK


The spread is like wild fire in the UK….not only are more people using QR Codes, they have a QR Code Ideas Factory now too! It’s amazing how much potential people see in this unpretentious form of technology.

In Bath University, Andy Ramsden crams his brain with new ideas on how to best use QR Codes in the future. Not only that – he helps students see the true potential behind the use of QR Codes in many areas of business and personal life. In notes and perhaps in his mind as well, I can only assume that it’s flooded with ideas gathered during these forums and educational sessions with University students around in Gloucestershire, Leicester, East Anglia and Manchester. Only recently, on January 27th to be precise, Ramsden held a huge QR Code Ideas Factory in the University of Gloucestershire, the turn out of which, was encouraging.

For each of these sessions, Ramsden has one aim…and that is to educate and explore the use of QR Codes and then try discovering the barriers. I think it’s fantastic because through these forums, barriers and potential obstacles can be overcome even before they have a chance to surface.

Just the day before that, another session was held in Leicester and once again, the turnout was pleasing. During the sessions, the door and the buildings would be covered with (well, not literally speaking, of course) QR Codes that links to information about the session. The one in Leicester, QR Codes led mobile phone users to supporting documentation on a blog.

This means that even before the start of the session, students (or even the teachers) can use their mobile phones to scan the QR Codes and then get a load of the information on what the session all about, ask some questions, leave some comments, etc.

I find this piece of news both extremely exciting and fascinating. The world of QR Code which is a whole new world that we’ve yet to tap into, is slowly being opened up right now. And I can’t think of anything any more exciting as this.

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