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QR Code Gives Assurance To Crab Consumers In UK


It was only a matter of time before health-conscious people in other parts of the world caught up – location and source of food is now revealed pre-order with technology. For many years now, some Japanese groceries and seafood owners (and even the restaurant owners implemented the same game-plan) had QR Codes printed on packaging of seafood on sale. Restaurant owners had them on menus. The purpose of the QR Code was to assure consumers KNEW (for sure) that the seafood really came from where they were said to have come from.

How many times have you gone out for dinner and while you are ordering your favorite lobster dish, you’re wishing that there was a way to find out if the lobster was the real thing. No one likes to be cheated. If you were ordering Alaskan Crabs, you WANT to know that the crabs REALLY came from Alaska, wouldn’t you?

The practice of coming clean with the consumers is already a well-accepted concept and practice in Japan. The practice is slowly having a hold onto the rest of the world. An eatery over in the UK is one of the first few to do this – The Really Interesting Crab Company, that is.

While others may not be able to tell the difference between one crab from another, food critics may. They can tell from the texture, the aroma, the color and the shape of the crab.

By placing a QR Code on the menu, the company’s aim is not only to give its customers assurance, the general public will also feel more confident when there is a video on the mobile site for them to watch the seamen in action.

On top of giving consumers peace of mind, it is a gentle call for action and interaction between consumers and owner of the company. Consumers will get the chance to tell the company what they thought about the food, the recipe, their experiences while dining and shopping. Such comments and feedback are always precious to owners of businesses.

The reports are already out there but we have no word on locals who have scanned the code, so, if you know of someone who ate there, seen and scanned the QR Code, please feel free to leave a comment. As always, we would love to hear YOUR side of the story on the rapid developments of this amazing technology.  


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