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QR Code For Japanese Facebook Users


As technologically advanced as they are, the Japanese has never caught on (the way most other Asian countries have) with Facebook. As usual, the Japanese set their own standards, have their own uniquely Japanese products and online social networking sites. Some of them are almost exclusively Japanese. Facebook’s efforts’ been largely ignored over the years. But I think they may have found just the thing.

Facebook is now telling Japanese people that they can log into their Facebook profile pages automatically with a QR Code. If they were sitting in front of their computer and is about to leave the office for a meeting with a client but would like to update their status on the go, a QR Code can be created with a click of the mouse. Then the smart phone’s camera is used as a scanner to log the user into their Facebook accounts automatically.

Before this, there were rumors and false alarms. Word went around that Facebook was about to launch a QR Code feature but the news turned out to be untrue at that point in time. And then later, it was rumored (once again) that Facebook was testing out a QR Code tool.

Facebook has been, over the many months, denied the rumors circulating in cyberspace.

As it turns out, the QR Code tool is being promoted to the Japanese, mainly, we suspect, because QR Code is an ingrained part of the Japanese’s way of life. To see the site, go to m.facebook.com. Facebook is localizing the Japanese version to make it more user-friendly.

A calculated guess would be that once the Japanese version is launched and is well-received, the rest of us will get to use the QR Codes too.

For those who do not know what QR Code is all about, here’s a short explanation. QR Code is a type of barcoding system originally from Japan. It acts, pretty much, the same way the barcodes work on packaging that we have in the stores today. Except that with QR Codes, you don’t need a specific scanner; all you need is a smart phone and a freely-found QR Code reader. QR Codes can contain messages, secret codes, a link to a website and can also function as a membership card or scannable coupon.

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