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We have always maintained that QR Codes are extremely useful tools in the education department. Therein lies a technology that not only excites the kids (or grown-ups, for that matter), it is also useful because it can encode countless types of details, including secret messages and links to online content.

Flash cards are popular tools used by many for purposes of memorizing something or learning something new. For example, learning a new language. Or the times table.

But how does one tie in using QR codes and flash cards? To hide the answers, of course. If you have used flash cards before, you will know that the answers are printed on the back of the cards. Although most of us try our utmost best not to try to sneak a peek at the answers…well, hey, we are all human beings we will, at some point, try our luck.

Most kids are inclined to cheat a little by trying to see the answer on the back of the card, with QR Code, it makes it harder to cheat because you will have to scan the QR Code to get the answer.

‘I was learning French in night school and was given a bunch of flash cards to use to help me memorize some phrases. Despite my best efforts, I find myself subtly cheating and it dampens my efforts to learn the language. I needed to learn basic French for a new project whereby I will be posted to France for a period of time. I found that with a QR Code on the flash card, armed with my iPhone, I learn better because I cannot possibly cheat with the QR Code flash cards,’ says a happy Tina, 26, who learned up French with a month’s intensive course.

Schools can make use of QR Code for other subjects too and it spells a turnaround for one-on-one tuition and individual learning industry.

And of course, the question of using QR Code flash cards for kids will come to light too. Is it conducive to introduce QR Code flash cards for kids in school? If yes, how do we do this since not every kid can afford a smart phone?

Whilst it is true that a smart phone is a relatively expensive learning tool, that doesn’t mean that schools can’t step in and equip the kids with common scanners or iPhones to use in classes or labs.

Well, we honestly hope that this is something that schools and colleges can look into in the near future.

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