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QR Code Enabled Nokia Phones


Nokia has long been one of the leading cell phone manufacturers in the world, therefore, it’s of no surprise at all that the company is also one of the first few cell phone companies to quickly jump into the ever-changing and advancing world of mobile advertising. Nokia’s QR Code technology started off with the Point & Find Software which is still, currently, in the BETA stage. But we think not for long.

Following in their footsteps, many other companies have started exploring hybrids on QR code Nokia phones are already starting to saturate the market. It might even catch up with some of the big names out there. For those who are unclear as to what the QR Code is all about, here’s what it is. To read a QR Code, you need to install a separate software into your phone which, when used to scan the code, will bring information right there to your phone. When we say ‘information’, it could be a mobile web page, music to download, video, wall paper for your Nokia phone, etc. It could be a link to your Facebook page or a Youtube video.

What people are interested in at this point about QR Code and Nokia is how fans are going to react to it. Nokia is well-known and loved for its ever so user-friendly features. Nothing else is more user-friendly than Nokia phones, not iPhones and not BlackBerries. You can disagree, of course because I know, for one, that there are too many fans of Blackberries out there who are ready to counter that stance. But that’s just from a fan’s perspective. Therefore, if one could find a QR Code-enabled Nokia phone, fans of the phone would go absolutely crazy.

And imagine if QR Code can be read with a Nokia cell phone, the number of people who will start understanding and making use of QR Codes will increase tremendously. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Another prediction about QR Code-enabled Nokia phone is that since more people are going to be using QR Codes, what would this mean to the mobile marketing industry? Simply explosive, we would say. Future models of Nokia phones, we hope, will come installed with QR Code readers so that there is no need for cell phone users to try to find them online, download, install and learn to use. There are many QR Code reader applications out there but let’s just say that not all of them are very practical or user-friendly. QR Code-enabled Nokia phones would, however, be the extreme ideal.

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