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QR Code Cupcakes For Montreal Science Center


Cupcakes are the in thing these days, to the surprise of no one. They are way better looking than the conventional cakes, you don’t need to cut it, most cupcakes these days are so fashionable because you get to personalize each individual cupcakes, to your liking.

Talking about personalizing cupcakes, we caught wind that popular Montreal-based cupcake company, Clever Cupcakes, made QR Code cupcakes for Montreal Science Center. On top of each cupcake, instead of extensively colorful decorations, you will find a square weird-looking barcode. I know…you are probably thinking, ‘What on earth…?! A code on top of a cupcake?’ but it’s true.

It’s fascinating, really, because imagine if you are organizing a birthday party for a friend, you can literally go to our QR Code generator, create a QR Code to this friend’s profile page on Facebook, print it out and hand it to the cupcake company and ask them to create the QR Code and put it on the cupcake like the picture.

The above example of QR Code cupcake is the one that Clever Cupcakes made for Montreal Science Center. You can create one for your friend’s birthday party too…easily. Creating QR Code is completely free of charge and it IS very unique.

If you are not in-the-know about what QR Codes are, let us lay it out for you.

You know how at the checkout counter, the sales person will use a barcode scanner to scan a barcode on the products that you intend to purchase and all details pertaining to the product is recorded on the till? QR Code works the same way. Only the QR Code works with a mobile phone and a QR Code reader (separately installed).

It works as a link to the online world in the real world. Let’s say you see an advertisement in the newspaper for a new handbag that you really like. You’re stuck right there on the train, waiting for your stop. What you can do is to pull out your smart phone, load up the QR Code reader and then scan the QR Code. The QR Code would resolve to an online link, something that the advertiser would like you to see so that you can have a clearer picture about the product. Basically, you don’t have to wait until you get to your office or home to find out more information about the handbag because you can get it right there and then.

Amazing, isn’t it? And that is what the QR Code cupcake is trying to do.

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