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QR Code Coupon: Let Your Customers Snap a Discount!


It really is a financially difficult time for Americans.  With the economy down and as jobs dwindled, we need all the help we could get and that includes discounts.

Coupons are a good way to do this.  You think that nobody’s using those coupons anymore?  Think again.

In fact, in a 2005 study published by Forbes.com, it was found that the use of coupons is increasing and this was before the economy went down in shambles.  Think of how many more people are using coupons now when the discounts are not only irresistible by also necessary.


Why You Should Have a QR Code Coupon

A QR code coupon can help you get both your potential and existing customers to easily avail of your discounts and marketing promotions.  They no longer have to cut out the coupons, and stash them away in their bags or wallets, where most likely it becomes lost or forgotten.

All they have to do is to snap your QR code coupon and they will be able to have an image or other data saved on their smartphones.  They can easily retrieve this when it is time to buy.

A QR code coupon is especially beneficial in the the case of online coupons.  Instead of having people print out your coupons, they can scan it instead.  Think of all the forests you’re going to save just by eliminating the use of paper!


So What Do I Get From Using a QR Code Coupon?

A lot! Not only are you attracting new customers, but you are ensuring loyalty among your existing buyers.  By making your product more affordable and giving them that “exclusivity” mindset, you are encouraging more sales.

Also, think about the last time you went grocery shopping.  There were a dozen different brands of roasted coffee.  Having a QR code coupon that they carry with them anywhere, anytime, they would just flip through their smartphones and look for your coupon, effectively shutting out the competition.

QR code coupons are a lot less expensive to put out.  Since there is no need to cut out anything, your customers could easily share the coupons with their friends, thereby expanding your reach.

Lastly, a QR code coupon is trackable.  You could learn where they scanned your coupon so that you could focus on that particular medium.  You could also tell how many times it was scanned, what time it was scanned and a lot of other information that you can use to further fine tune your QR coupon campaign!

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