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QR Code Commercial That Capitalizes on Curiosity Of Viewers


We’ve been talking about innovation and creativity all these while and we have also seen some really amazing stuff that people have come up with. During one of my insane YouTube hunting sprees, I spotted an incredibly innovative ad that AXA came up with in Belgium.

Well, it’s not a ad…it’s an invitation to ‘view’ the ad or continue with the ad.

I would have to applaud the team of people who came up with the idea. Not only are they maximizing on the novelty of the idea of using QR Codes in TV ads (it is not terribly popular at the moment because most advertisers prefer to stick to something more conventional, like print ads), they’re also building up on curiosity.

In the ad, you see a house without a door. And then the next thing you know, something’s crashed through the roof of the house and the camera closes in on the QR Code (door). To see what happened and what crashed into the house, viewers are invited to scan the QR Code with their phones.

To see the ad for yourself, take a quick look at the Youtube video below.

Now, if only more people knew how to capitalize on the amazing capabilities of QR Codes like this one. I’m sure many advertising agencies would have caught on to the idea and are busy coming up with proposals (with this idea in mind) to test it out in their own respective industries.

What you see in the end of the commercial…well, it’s cute and we are not sure if its insurable. Have fun.


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