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QR Code Changes The Way We Shop


If you are in puzzled with the number of QR Codes that you see today, don’t be surprised when we boldly say that we think that QR Codes is an evolution to consumers. It will change the way we shop for things or make decisions. It is the next big thing in shopping, the previous one being something along the lines of Amazon.com.

QR Codes are barcodes that everyday people like you and me can scan with our mobile phones. If you have a smart phone preloaded with something called a QR Code reader, then you can easily pull out your phone and snap a picture of the QR Code and find exclusive information on the internet.

How will this change the way we shop? Well, for one thing, now we get to make more informed information when we scan the QR Code. Imagine you are about to purchase organic food in your favorite grocery store and you want to know the origin of the products, who farmed it, where was packed so that you can make a comparison with another farmer’s produce.

Or maybe you would like to buy a new phone and want to see all the features of the phone. Instead of relying on the sales assistant’s selling techniques, why not scan a QR Code and watch a video on Youtube which details out all that the phone can do? How about accessing an online forum to find reviews and read descriptions or make price comparison along the way?

Daniel Switkin of Google thinks that QR Code is a way to learn more about the things that you see in stores, helping consumers make more informed decisions. QR Codes are like web links that brings online information into your phone in a matter of seconds.

QR Code, however, is not a new thing. It has been used in Japan for countless purposes for nearly a decade. You can find them in magazines, on product packaging, on designer clothes, foodstuff and even buildings. Most advertisements contain a QR Code on them so that consumers can download exclusive media stuff like wallpapers, watch interviews, share their experiences and read reviews.

In the US, people are beginning to catch on – there are paperless ticketing, membership cards and coupons these days. Soon, buying something online can be as easy as scanning a QR Code so that you can get an exclusive item even when the store is closed.

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