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QR Code Can Save You Money


In these financially-difficult and competitive times, many businesses and individuals are looking for ways to cut back on spending without slowing down their marketing and promotional activities. We are happy to say that making use of QR Codes is one of the most efficient and money-saving method there is today.

They may not look like much, considering their simple (and sometimes people call it bland) look, the square mish-mash of black and white boxes brings you incredible potential in terms of reaching anyone anywhere in the world and also tracking and understanding potential customers’ details and preferences. It also increases the level of interactivity between provider/seller and buyer…which is always a good thing for businesses.

In short, not only are QR Codes widely viewed as a money-saving technology but also a money-making one. One, you save money from not having to print as many flyers, coupons, brochures and other promotional prints; two, there is a potential to increase revenue. 

‘All of us are fighting with smaller budgets, a bigger marketplace and an increased level of competitiveness. QR Code technology is like a Heaven-sent solution,’ says Dan, an advocate of QR Code usage, especially for this online business and blog. And he is not the only one with such an opinion. According to Dave Schuekler, the owner of The Treehouse, he needs to get in front of someone in order to stay ahead in the business and is fighting for every penny there is. 

How does this work for offline businesses, then? Will it be of any use at all since the stores, generally speaking, do not stay open around the clock despite the website being available 24/7 365 days a year. In lieu of a brochure, the QR Code printed on items labels, website and also pasted in front of the store acts as the door to the store during off hours. 

Since the QR Codes are linked to an online store or even if it is an website without online purchasing capabilities, it is as if the store remains open. People can go into the website and purchase at their leisure knowing that the purchases will be processed the next day when the retail store opens for business again. 

The Hand of Doom Tattoo parlor also said that QR Codes are great for the same reason and it makes it easy for the store owners to offer discounts and coupons to passerby who may or may not be interested in the services and products on offer.


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