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QR Code Can Save Realtors Time And Money


If you are in the real estate business, you will know for a fact, all too well, that it is expensive business promoting a property. Much of the cost goes into printing flyers and ads in dailies and magazines. We happen to think that if real estate agents and agencies were smart enough to explore the world of mobile technology and QR Codes, they will be saving more than they can ever imagine!

The purpose of printing the flyers and handing them out to potential buyers is to get the interested parties to take a look at the property, bring home the flyer and ponder over it…as opposed to forgetting all about it. One might suggest placing images and videos on websites but the one problem with that is that most people forget the URL of the website or it is simply impossible to remember a long string of website URL to a specific page. Even if it is possible to remember the URL, it becomes tedious and problematic for potential buyers so much so that they would rather not do it in the end.

What real estate agents can do is to reduce the number of flyers that they print and place QR codes on web pages (related to the specific property), print outs and at the homes itself.

Assuming John was passing a house that he is interested in purchasing or finding out more info about, if there was a QR Code there, he could scan it and find instant information which becomes a prelude to what he can find on the internet or mobile-friendly web page.

There is another point to placing QR Codes in advertisements and on the home – it saves time. How many times have real estate agents complained about wasting time bringing potential customers to homes that, in the end, they discover is far from what they are looking for? Too many.

With a QR Code, home owners get to take a look into the home BEFORE contacting the realtor. In effect, the QR Code helps save time AND money. No more endless rounds of viewing, driving to and from the property, meeting up with disinterested or disappointed customers and printing of expensive flyers.

The good news is that creating QR Codes takes minutes…but that is not the bext news. The best news about all of this is that it is absolutely free of charge. We have a QR Code generator over here on our website which takes minutes of your time. And if you want to customize the QR Code, our designers are ready to bring you imaginative, creative, explanatory and attractive QR Codes.  


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3 Responses to QR Code Can Save Realtors Time And Money

  1. Taj Mahal India September 25, 2011, 12:19 am

    Every brand is trying to catch the attention of today’s on-the-go consumer. Many are turning to these things called Quick Response (QR) codes or other types of scannable 2D barcodes

  2. Taj mahal Tour January 5, 2012, 12:09 am

    There is another point to placing QR Codes in advertisements and on the home – it saves time.

  3. Delhi Tours January 5, 2012, 10:53 pm


    Very nice Blog.

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