QR Code as Mobile Marketing Tool

QR codes have the potential to enrich product experience and offer customer real value. QR Codes are versatile! Place your QR code on your promo stuff, link to your mobile landing page, exclusive video or your social media site.

Provide exclusive coupons, discounts and giveaways to your customers! Everything through a simple QR Code! Isn’t it beautiful?

Building Successful QR Campaign

QR codes is an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are now popping up literally everywhere! They can be easily launched into your marketing activities to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time!

Why is that so cool? Because it adds a dynamic elements to static forms of media and delivers more engaging customer experience.

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Let’s work together!

You’ve read a lot about QR’s and you are excited to start using them in your next online marketing campaign. Whether you have your own concept and looking for executive team (designers and developers) or you need comprehensive solution starting from the whole concept up to real life implementation we’re here to help you.

We belive that the best results comes with a great ideas!


QR Code Design and Development
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We turn things into LIVE!

We design and develop. Using the most recent tools online let us create applications that actually work! Custom web applications, mobile sites, Facebook apps. We design, we make it!

Custom QR Codes, no problem!

QR codes don’t need to be boring. We’ve helped our clients to stand out from the competiton through unique, creative and complex QR code marketing campaign. Before you finish (asking) your question about campaign’s measurability, we’ll give you the answer.

Yes, we have a marvelous tool which allow you to track almost anything you want.

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We provide useful analytics

Our custom designed qr code analytic system offers you detailed tracking information and statistics on all of your qr code campaigns.

Read more about our QR Code Tracking system.

QR Code Tracking Service

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