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QR Code Briefs: More of What’s Happening to QR Codes

qr code briefs

Applied DNA Sciences Uses QR Codes for digitalDNA

Applied DNA Sciences has come up with digitalDNA, a tool that helps you authenticate products with a unique botanical DNA to prevent counterfeiting. It has a tremendous impact and a lot of uses, but there’s a problem: you would need a special scanner to decode the unique DNA behind it.

So what do they do? Put the DNA sequence behind a QR code. This way, any smartphone with a QR code reader on it would be able to decode the digitalDNA.

Nellymoser Uses QR Codes, NFC and Other Technologies in Multi-Channel Campaigns

Technology and marketing firm Nellymoser has started offering campaigns that make use of near-field communication, QR codes, augmented reality, and digital watermarks. The company reported that they have helped brands and companies get maximum return on investment by using these technologies in their ad campaigns. Some notable Nellymoser campaigns in the first quarter of 2012 include:

The first augmented reality campaign for smartphones that came out of Sports Illustrated, making use of six different videos that may be activated by training your smartphone camera on its foldout cover.

Nellymoser was also behind the large NFC campaign that came out of Wired Magazine for the 2012 Lexus GS.

Are QR Codes Already Losing Out?

Ross McGuinness, writing for the UK’s Metro, posed the question of whether or not QR codes are already losing their appeal to even brighter ideas.

McGuinness laments the fact that even though QR codes are everywhere now and are being used by marketers and brands on just about anything, from billboards, to posters, to restaurant tables and even to print, there is still one problem: nobody is scanning them. McGuinness also writes that many marketers are doing it wrong, such as pointing to a Web site that doesn’t register well on mobile phones and even placing the QR codes in all the wrong places.

The bottom line? QR codes have lost their chance to shine because all too many marketers are using them wrong and are doing it wrong. What’s more, there are other technologies coming out that are much better than QR codes, such as Google Goggles and Blippar. This means that augmented reality, NFC and mobile visual search will soon replace QR codes.

Do you agree?

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