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QR Code As A Fashion Statement


Anyway, the hand-knitted Lendorff Kaywa scarf design aside, anyone else with a resources to a good printer and a nice blouse (or shirt) can do the very same thing now. I’ve also mentioned how people can print their very own QR Codes on merchandizes to promote themselves.

But did you know that you can literally make whole prints, a dress, a whole pant just from QR Code itself? The limitation is your imagination.

Found this picture some time back and thought it was kind of cool. I mean, it could have been better but because it wasn’t such a hit then and people were rather conservative and skeptical about how this whole QR Code thing is going to hit the Western side of the globe (as opposed to Japan and some parts of Europe), I am not surprised it didn’t take off then. 

It does not have to be so bold, of course. You can always go for something simpler, like this….

If you’re a really digital personality, you could try what the Manga Man did with his promotional t-shirt campaigns. 

My thought is this….let your imagination take flight because there’s no limit as to QR Codes. The QR Code could be used for just about anything online….be it a website, a blog, a facebook account, a twitter account, a recipe, a picture, a song or a news piece.

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