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QR Code Advertisement On Bus Wrap


It has been said and reported that a vast thirty percent of people who come into contact with outdoor advertisements said that it affects the way they make decisions when faced with vast choices and options. Surprised? Wait, there’s more.

A whopping ninety-five percent of US citizens who responded to a survey said that they often see and respond to ads that they see outdoors. And finally, when you wrap a bus, van or any other type of vehicle with an advertisement, it actually costs you a mere $0.77 CPM. Talk about fantastic facts, huh?

Anyway, we are not veering away from the topic – QR Codes. Imagine what you can do with a QR Code if you had it firmly wrapped around a bus that frequently rounds a route in a bustling city like New York? Can you imagine how many people will see the advertisement in the middle of rush hour, get curious and actually snap a picture of the QR Code? Can you see people whispering to each other when they see a colorfully wrapped-up bus driving by and then stopping at the lights, generating curiosity about what the QR Code is all about?

Well, they may be surprised at this point in time but as the number of smart phone users increase, the sense of curiosity will dwindle.

You see, what most advertisements and commercials try to do is try to engage people. Getting them curious is a rather difficult to do if you are already an established brand name unless you can hire a good advertising agency to come up with a really good concept. Not impossible. But it would really cost some serious money there.

However, when you look at this from another angle, the QR Code itself can generate quite a lot of curiosity already, all by itself, when people see it whizzing past on a bus wrap advertising. The bus may not stay still long enough for them to pull out their phones, load the QR Code reader and snap a picture of it, but it got their attention. They could have remembered the name or a simple URL printed on the advertisement.

So what you do is to have a similar QR Code placed on your main website (if the QR Code leads to a different one).

Think about it. Placing a QR Code on a bus wrap advertisement could really work!

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2 Responses to QR Code Advertisement On Bus Wrap

  1. Leonora September 20, 2010, 2:55 am

    I’m doing it, but I wonder if the irregular surface of the bus will not create problem in the functionality of the QR Code…

  2. Bruce Colthart (@bccreative) August 13, 2011, 9:20 am

    Like a lot of marketing, and with QR codes in particular, it depends on the surrounding offer or promise. There has to be a “QR code-only” offer made, otherwise people may find it much easier to simply recall the url or the brand name.

    But if it was more of an involving ‘game’ – scan QR code, be taken to an optimized page, log in with FB creds, geo-indicate the bus location on a map, then maybe everyone would win! Otherwise just slapping it on a bus has to be paired with limited expectations.

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