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QR Chocs, Anyone?

Design QR is not your ordinary Japanese design company because they’re one of the few Japanese companies that focus on advertising and designing stuff using QR barcodes. They’ve been nothing short of revolutionary in the way that they approach this new technology. The last we heard about them was about them embedding smaller QR barcodes into larger QR barcodes. On the other hand, Chocolate Graphics Japan is a company that produces personalized chocolates.

If you have a wedding, want to design personalized chocolates for your kid’s birthday bash, then Chocolate Graphics Japan is the company you’re looking for. But looking at their profile, the price could be a little steep so they’re not for budget-friendly events. Anyway, these two have teamed up of late, to come up with a new promotional method and right now, they’re test-driving to see how far they can take it.

What they’re doing right now is test-driving how they can make personalized chocolates that display bespoke QR Codes.

What we see in this is a way for technologically-inclined couples sending each other highly secretive albeit seductive messages via these QR barcode embedded chocs! Perhaps if you’re giving our chocolates a premium item, you can also consider personalizing the chocs with QR barcodes that could lead recipients to websites, profiles or blogs.

We have yet to have a company like Chocolate Graphics Japan but we’re pretty sure it will not take long for Americans to pick this up if this new test-drive proves successful and consumers are receptive of this new way of spreading a message or promoting a website, product, brand or service.

So, now, if you see a box of chocolates with a bunch of lines and squares on them, resist the urge to eat them! Whip out the phone and scan the QR barcode on them before putting them into your mouth. Another issue would be to keep the chocs in a nice, cool place to prevent them from melting and distorting the QR barcode before the message is received.

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