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QR.C.O.D.E. Is the Key to QR Code Marketing Success


BeQRious have always made it a point to help our readers come up with successful QR code campaigns. Whether it is telling you about what other companies have done to succeed, why other companies fail, right down to the best practices.

For today, we are going to give you an easy to remember acronym that would help spell your success when it comes to using QR codes for your marketing.

Appropriately, it is QR.C.O.D.E. What does it mean?

Quick Response.

Quick response codes are termed for a reason. If a customer scans your code and it fails or it takes them nowhere, then it would create a negative experience for them. You should also make sure that your codes are placed where your target market could easily see them and scan them. For this, you would need to test your codes to make sure they work and measure your results so that you would know where to place your QR codes.

Call to action.

Your call to action should include a benefit for your customers. You cannot just tell people to scan your code. You should all tell them what they stand to get if they do. For example, scan this QR code to get an exclusive discount, or scan this QR code to schedule your mammogram for free.

Optimize your mobile site.

Even if you have a popular website, it does not mean that you should use that for your mobile marketing. Remember that there are many mobile devices around and each of them has different sized screens. Make sure to create a site that would display well no matter what type of device is used and what size the screen is.

Delight your customers.

Always make sure that you give your customers something in return for their efforts. More than the benefits they get, you should make an effort that they get something valuable from scanning your QR codes. Instead of just pointing them to a website that does nothing but give them more details about your products and services, why not give them free samples. Remember to inform, entertain or educate your target audience.

Educate, educate, educate!

This might be the last tip but this is certainly the most important. It is important to educate yourself when it comes to QR code marketing. Take a look at what other businesses are doing with their QR code marketing and take note of what they are doing right. Read up on the best practices. The BeQRious site has many articles delving on best practices.

What’s more, it is important to educate your customers as well. You need to include instructions on what QR codes are and what to do with them. You should also tell your customers where to get a QR code scanner application for their smartphones and how to get a successful scan.

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