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QR and AR working together, hand in hand


While QR Codes is quite the norm in some parts of the world, it is still quite a ‘new’ thing in the United States. When they first started entering the marketing and online promotion scene, many were skeptical about whether they would actually last the distance. Many wondered about how effective it would be in the overall scheme of things. Others just brushed it off as an Asian fad that will probably disappear from the face of the earth and gave it mere months to live. From the looks of things, it looks like QR Code is outliving its initial life span in the United States.

What with Augmented Reality entering the scene too.

AR, Augmented Reality, works pretty much the same way other existing barcoding system works too….only like its on steroids. It is a pity that news about Esquire Magazine using AR for a whole magazine missed its target, just because they were one of the early adopters of QR Code and Augmented Reality.

What brought my attention back to Augmented Reality is when I was languidly browsing Youtube for materials to write about that I chanced upon a really cool advertisement from Cisco telling us that they are working round the clock to get everyone connected to the internet, that they want to work on ‘waking up an advertisement’. Basically, what Esquire Magazine was trying to do to traditional media.

Some of you might be a little confused about what that means….I have included the advertisement at the end of this article, have a look at it if you are curious. The company even went as far as to print out a code and instructions to download their free app which can let you ‘wake up T-Shirt’. I just think that the idea is pretty neat.

AR is similar to QR technology, and some might say that they work more or less hand in hand, one should exist with one another. Or AR is simply an amplified version of QR Codes. AR lets businesses or people tell consumers and educate them about products and services via visual and audio aid. AR augmentize the potential of QR Codes.

QR and AR technology can be used to video games too, so, I can only imagine how excited pro gamers and developers are about connecting the internet, video, audio and gaming all in one app. The stuff that we see and imagine in movies is finally coming to life, I would say.

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