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Purite Now Using QR Codes to Teach Customers How to Replace Cartridges


Purite has recently put up QR codes on the packaging of their pre-treatment and deionizer replacement cartridges. These QR codes resolve to a video that shows customers how to replace the cartridges properly.

Purite is a company that provides water purification systems to their customers. They use the latest technologies in making their products, so it may not be easy to understand, especially for a layperson.

While it is definitely not the first time that a QR code has shown up on product packaging, and it is not the first time for a company to use a QR code to make instructional videos easily accessible, Purite still scores a first for being the only manufacturer in the industry to do such a thing.

Steve Mines, Purite’s sales manager, remarks that the company is giving their customers all day long access to information that can help them boost their efficiency and save time. The video presents a step-by-step guide that is very easy to follow.

Good Placement

Remember our best practices when it comes to using QR codes?

Purite has come up with good content that could easily help their customers. In addition, they have placed it on the product packaging. This makes the QR code easily visible to anybody who needs that kind of information.

So in our book, Purite scores big with this carefully planned and wonderfully executed campaign.

Here to Stay: Good Use of QR Codes

Who says QR codes are dead? Definitely, when everyone thinks that QR codes are on their way out, there will come along a company that will prove them wrong. Purite, and hopefully other companies, have learned how to make good use of QR codes for their campaigns. This is what is going to make QR codes even more useful in a world that wants information and wants it quick.

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