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Puerto Rican Body Spray Brand’s QR Code Goes Viral

axe body spray

Like they always say – sex sells and right now, a Puerto Rican body spray brand called Axe is really heating the party scene right up. Touted as a huge peeping tom campaign, the marketing game plan is to place QR Codes in the men’s room which, when scanned, will bring you to the ‘ladies’ via a video. The video showcases a series of racy pictures of women in sexy poses and going about their thing in the bathroom.

We are sure the marketers have done their background work to see how receptive people will be of such an idea and true enough, it got off to an amazing start. The marketers are trying to get the videos to go viral so, the tactic is to get those who have viewed the videos to share it out to their friends. As the codes and videos are shared with other consumers, they unlock levels to other newer videos of the same nature. What is great about the marketing campaign is that the only way to view more racy pictures, they need to get the word out, which makes turns the campaign viral.

After viewing of each video, phone users will be directed to Axe’s Facebook page where there will be more videos. The strategy not only caused people to become more interested in the brand, it also helps people remember the brand name whenever the need for a new bottle of body spray arises.

It was reported that more than twenty three percent of the people who viewed the videos, viewed it by scanning the QR Code which accounted for fifty three percent of interaction on online social networking sites of the campaign. If that fact does not convince you that sex sells, let’s just see your reaction to this – the brand’s Facebook page experienced a total of six hundred and two percent increase in page views and feedback!

The campaign, I am sure, raised some eyebrows and must have sparked some level of controversy but suffice to say, if what the company wanted to do was to attract attention and create brand awareness, let’s just say that it…did…just that.

If something like this could be done for a body spray brand, we hope that other brands will use this campaign as an example. QR Code – Viral – interaction with consumers. This is the formula that will turn heads.

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