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One of the biggest reason people refuse to or reject the use of QR Code is that it is the perfect place for cyber criminals. With many of us using our mobile devices and phones for online purchasing, surfing and making use of online social networking sites, it would be a nightmare if a cyber criminal got into the phone and gained access to that information without our knowledge. For most of us, we know how to USE the phones and the apps, but very few of us would notice if a malware was automatically installed.

With that worry in the way, we would like to make a few suggestions here so that you can further scan and make use of QR Codes without the fear of having your mobile phone’s safety perpetrated.

At this point, since we are severely lacking in mobile phone security, we strongly suggest that people should scan a QR Code only when they are confident about the company, brand, person or have precedent to rely on. For instance, if a company like Ford or your local grocer (a company or individual you can trust) asked that you scan the QR Code, chances are, you are going to be rather safe. While the risk is there, it is barely noticeable.

Other security measures or precaution that mobile users can adopt is to check the website URL before scanning the code. If your QR Code scanner does not let you, uninstall it and get something like QR Droid for android phones, there are also some amazing QR Code readers on the App Store while BeeTagg and NeoReader both work amazingly well on Blackberry phones. It is important that you recognize and trust the website before loading the page. Some shady apps and software that usually comes with huge ads are the ones that you should avoid as they do not have the functionality to let you decide whether you want to continue loading the page…or leave.

One more thing to note is that some QR Codes will take you automatically to login forms that look suspicious on all front. Let’s just make one thing clear here…if it looks and feel suspicious, it is best to leave the QR Code unscanned. You don’t need the information THAT desperately.

Remember that most QR Code marketing campaigns either do NOT require you to log in or if they do, it is probably going to ask you if you want to subscribe to a mailing list or newsletter. In which case, depending on your own personal experience and opinion, it is probably safe if the company is a legitimate one. No one wants to ruin their business by implanting malware into their customers’ phones. It is, like, the fastest way towards bankruptcy.

Another good move to make would be to install softwares like OCShield’s Mobile App, Norton Mobile Security or Lookout Mobile Security. Even if you have to pay a small price for the protection, we here at BeQRious, think that it is going to be well worth the money.

If you have any other recommendations about how to protect yourself from mobile malware, please do feel free to share them here with us. We are sure our readers will thank you for it too.

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