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Promotion Of Nightspots With QR Codes


Discounts is all the rage now after the launch of Groupon which enables purchases of products and services online through the internet. And everyone loves discounts. In Wetherspoon, there is going to be another way for hungry and thirsty consumers to find discounts. In partnership with Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands, Ogilvy Action has launched a QR Code marketing campaign to promote a popular local pub chain. With the target market being college and university-going students, the ‘Unlock Your Night @Wetherspoon campaign aims to post posters printed along with QR Codes on them in campuses. 


Not only can consumers access, find and make discounted purchases on the website, the company has gone ahead to create a mobile application for iPhone and Android phone users. The app is simply called ‘Wetherspoon Unlocked’ and is reportedly also an augmented reality app. I have not personally seen or downloaded the application for a quick try-out but if that is so, I think it is going to be an amazing feat and it is probably something truly new to the community. 

The campaign aims to promote more than two hundred and eighty different diners, restaurants, cafes and pubs around the area. QR Codes printed on the posters posted on site and campuses lead mobile phone users to a site where they can download the application. 

As seen in many other similar campaigns, the advertising agency responsible for the campaign also decked out the campaign by ‘dangling the carrot in front of the rabbit’. The caption goes something along the lines of ‘look closer’ and ‘be curious’ and also ‘question everything’. Not too bad, I suppose. The advertising agency, to ensure that they had the campaign right, roped in student websites like StudentBeans.com and Campus Media, to help them understand what they needed to do to get through to the students’ minds.

The report also said that the application allows users to upload and tag videos and pictures of their night out at one of the bars on online social networking sites like Facebook and groups too. The organizers do realize one thing – that the students are never short of options. If they wanted to go out for a night of partying, there is an endless number of options; therefore, they need to position themselves in such a way that the pubs that they are promoting comes out tops in the possible places to go for their big night out and then share it out with their friends on online social media sites. 

It is a good move, really, and it is probably a bull’s eye where target market is concerned as well because college students are big on pubs and are, generally-speaking, early adopters of anything technology. 

It seems like such a fun and interactive way to promote the already-popular night spots. 

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