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Printers, Take a Closer, Longer Look At QR Code Possibilities


When the trend started spreading to other parts of the world (outside of Japan), printers started quivering with fear. Is it going to spell the death of the print industry? Is this going to destroy people’s love for books, magazines and even newspapers now that they can get everything online and on their cell phone? Will no one ever find joy in flipping through freshly printed pages of a woman’s magazine…or a golf one ever again?

Through the paranoia, we need to tell printers to relax. It’s alright. The same way ebooks did not kill off the book printing business, QR Codes is not going to either. In fact, it is just the other way around. Not only will QR Codes NOT kill off the printing industry, it is going to help it soar!

QR Codes is one of the most talked about topics in the world today…at least, as far as the internet and mobile marketing is concerned. The two dimensional QR Code lets people access content like web pages, videos, images, music, download software, launch emails, safe personal contact information, store calendar meetings….well, you get the picture. 

Considering the flexibility of the technology, printers need to look at QR Code as an aide, instead of an arch nemesis. 

Big brand names are now embracing the technology so much so that we are seeing many more QR Codes being printed along with advertisements and commercials. QR Code technology has evolved into a quite necessary part of a marketing campaign because of its multi-channel application. What consumers see when they see a QR Code is an instant reaction. If they scan the code, they are directly reacting to the marketing campaign…on the spot. 

What is even greater about this is that it is all trackable too. The very moment someone scans the QR Code, regardless of their location, marketers record the reaction and collect it as a part of their data. 

Here’s something to think about too for those in the print industry…a whopping seventy one percent of smart phone owners related (in a survey) that they have scanned a QR Code before. One, because they wanted more information and it was available. Two, because they were curious. 

So, we were a magazine, WE wouldn’t mind creating free QR Codes and print them alongside the articles. 

Before we sign off, all of you in New York who attended an auto exhibition, we are wondering if you saw this. Holler if you did.


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